annual school report


What is the Annual Report?

The Annual Report is provided to the school community as an account of the school’s operations and achievements throughout the year. It is the result of rigorous ongoing school self-assessment practices undertaken collaboratively with staff, parent/caregivers and student leaders.

It provides a detailed account of the progress the school has made to provide high quality educational opportunities for each and every child set out in the school plan. It outlines the findings from self-assessment that reflect on the impact of key school strategies for improved learning and the benefit to all students from the expenditure of resources including equity funding.

The annual report is an integrated account of the school's strategic improvement efforts aligned with resources. The annual report provides the community and the Department of Education with an account of the school’s progress and associated budget. It includes a summary of the school’s ongoing self-assessment of the impact of key strategies that lead to growth in student learning assessed in relation to the School Excellence


The Annual Report describes the school’s high quality practices across the three domains of the School Excellence Framework of learning, Teaching and Leading.

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