enrolment procedures


Enrolling your child

Once you have made the decision to enrol your child, you will be asked to fill out an application to enrol in a NSW government school and submit it to your local school. Forms are available from your local public school, your local regional office or online at http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au You will require proof of identity (e.g. birth certificate), an immunisation certificate, current council rates or a current lease agreement and four original documents (e.g. utilities account, rental agreements etc) as proof of address for your child.

The intake area for Matthew Pearce Public School has been determined following consultation between the School Education Director and the principals of adjacent schools. The latest revision was in December 2005 and is recorded on a map and the supporting street name linked documents. In general, all students living within the intake area should be guaranteed a place in the school.

Whenever enrolments exceed the accommodation available in permanent classrooms, non-local enrolments will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. Currently our school enrolment of 1395 students exceeds the permanent accommodation available.

Your application will be considered by the school principal to ensure that your child's needs have been identified and assessed. In most cases this process will be completed very quickly. In some circumstances, it will be necessary for the school to gather further information prior to finalising their decision. You can assist by ensuring the information on your application form is accurate and complete.

You will be notified by the school of the result of your application. Please do not purchase items such as uniforms until you receive confirmation of enrolment. If your application is accepted, the information you have provided will be used by the school to formally enrol your child.

Out-of-area applications:

When it comes to considering out-of-area applications, our public school principals are required to follow departmental policy. This is because we must ensure that all eligible in-area students wishing to attend their local school are able to do so. Depending on resources, some schools may be able to accept additional students from outside their enrolment area at the discretion of the school's enrolment panel. Applications for non-local (out-of-area) enrolments are considered using a range of criteria, including the availability of appropriate staff and classroom accommodation. Contact the school to find out more about their out-of-area selection criteria.

Enrolling a child with special needs:

As a parent or carer of a child with a learning difficulty or disability, you have access to a team of people from your local regional office who will assist you with your child's enrolment. Depending on your location and your child's needs, you may have access to regular classes in regular schools, support classes in regular schools or a school with specific support services. Before enrolling your child, you will be asked to contact the student support team at your local regional office.


The intake area map street names list are intended as a guide only.

Please contact the school to confirm this information before making any decisions based upon it.

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