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Year 5 Opportunity Class 
2018 Placement Dates

Application open information available in schools
26 April 2017

Online application close. Applications cannot be lodged after this date. Closing deadlines will be strictly observed.
12 May 2017

Parents sent Test Authority letter by mail and email 
12 July 2017

Opportunity Class Placement Test 26 July 2017

Change of Choices for OC closes for entry in 2018
4 August 2017

Requests for consideration of illness and misadventure submitted by applicant11 August 2017

PLACEMENT Outcome information sent to parents Mid-October 2016

Appeals due to principals 
20 October 2017

Invitation 0C Orientation 2016 for 2017 entry

Selective High School 2018 Application Dates

Application opens - online only 11 October 2016

Application closes - no late applications
14 November 2016

Test Centre advice to parents

Selective High School Placement Test - 9 March 2017

Illness/misadventure claims lodged with the unit

Outcome Advice early July 2017

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Selective High Schools Information

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Selective Schools Information

Opportunity Class Placement - General information

Opportunity classes provide intellectual stimulation and an academically enriched environment for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. There are 74 opportunity classes in NSW.

Opportunity class students are accommodated in one of the following class groupings according to the school structure: a Year 5 opportunity class; a Year 6 opportunity class; a Year 5/6 composite opportunity class; or a composite class consisting of opportunity class and non-opportunity class students.

Offers for opportunity class placement are made on the basis of the Opportunity Class Placement Test, school assessment and other evidence of academic merit.

Selective High School - General information

Selective high schools provide an educationally enriched environment for highly achieving, academically gifted students.

Year 7 entry into these schools is determined by the student's results in the Selective High School Placement Test in English (including reading and writing), mathematics and general ability, together with their primary school's assessment of their performance in English and mathematics. Other evidence of academic merit may also be considered. Entry into Years 8 to 12 is determined using criteria developed by each school's selection committee.

From 2010 there are 17 fully selective high schools, 23 high schools with selective classes (partially selective), a virtual selective class provision (Western NSW Region) and 4 agricultural high schools offering selective placement in Year 7.

There is also a senior high school, Sydney Secondary College, Blackwattle Bay Campus with selective classes offering entry to Years 11 and 12.

Partially selective high schools have both selective and community classes.

Agricultural high schools are selective high schools that emphasise the study of agriculture, with the boarding sections giving some priority to isolated students.

The virtual selective class provision will use contemporary technologies to provide access to the selective option. Students become part of a broader, networked learning community. Students will be enrolled in their home school while participating in English, Mathematics and Science via the virtual selective class provision.

An additional form called the Virtual selective class: report of academic merit must be completed by principals in Western NSW to enable them to comment on the student’s suitability for this method of teaching and learning.